7 Tips to Choose the “Perfect Bench”

A nice spot to relax is something we all seek from time to time…whether it’s during a changeover in tennis to take a quick breather or at the park while the kids play.

But how much time was spent deciding which bench to use at that particular venue? 

It’s not something the majority of people would spend a lot of time thinking about, but there are a number of factors that go in to selecting the “PERFECT BENCH.”

1.)    Location

Probably the most important factor to consider first is where the bench will be located.  If its outdoors and exposed to the weather, that will require a particular type of bench to withstand the elements.  If you envision a cover overhead, you may choose to go with a bench with a built-in canopy or awning.  If you need benches for an indoor facility, say a locker room, you may find that a wooden bench is more aesthetically pleasing.  Start by thinking “Where will this bench be located?”

2.)    Durability

The locale will often determine the durability you are looking for in a bench.  If a bench is exposed to outdoor elements such as sun, rain, wind, ocean air, etc., you will have to take into consideration how long you’d like the bench to stand up for over time.  For example, a bench made of recycled plastic or high-density polyethylene may be your best bet for longevity.  These also give you the additional bonus of never needing a new coat of paint, since the color you choose is the actual color of the material the bench is constructed out of.  PVC and Vinyl benches can also last the test of time – and if ordered in white will keep cool on hot days.

3.)    Color

The color you choose will oftentimes be based on the other aesthetic features of your surrounding area.  For an example, if you have a green fence, with green windscreen and green amenities such as trash receptacles and water fountains, a green bench is probably right up your alley.  The colors available range from white, gray, green, natural wood, cedar and brown – the choice is yours!

4.)    Size

The size of the bench you are seeking will depend on its use – i.e., how many people may use the bench at one given time.  If it’s a bench used for spectators during a soccer or basketball game, the longer the bench better.  If the bench is used for one or two tennis players to take breaks during changeovers, a shorter bench will likely work just fine.  Lengths vary from 4-feet to 8-feet long so choose accordingly.

5.)    Style (Back or No Back?)

The style of bench is easily determined by the purpose it will serve – specifically in terms of the direction you would like people to face.  For example, a bench located between two tennis courts would likely be used from both sides – therefore a bench with no back, accessible for sitting from both sides, is your best bet.  Now envision a park bench facing a pond where you may take the kids to feed the ducks – this would better lend itself to a “classic park bench” style with a contoured back – for comfort.

6.)    Portable or Secure

Do you need the bench to be portable or secured to a fixed location?  If you’d like a portable model, those are typically shorter/smaller and lighter weight, for ease of transport.  A secured bench may be ideal for a high traffic area where it’s important that the integrity of your landscaping/ornamentation is maintained.  Benches that can be secured are readily available.  These are typically fashioned to install bolts through the legs, into the ground material beneath, for example a concrete sidewalk.  Securing a bench will also provide added security to those sitting there since it will not move or flip over.

7.)    Material

All of the factors above will leave you with a number of bench options – once you’ve narrowed down your needs.  The final step will be to determine the material you are most interested in.  The materials available include wrought iron, wood, plastic, recycled plastic (some of today’s recycled plastics even resemble lumber), PVC, aluminum and polyethylene.

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