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New Pickleball Products Available from 10-S Tennis Supply!

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How to Install New Lines on a Clay Tennis Court

Installing new line tapes on a clay tennis court on your own can be a daunting task! Will the lines be straight?  How will I know where to mark the court?  Will all the nails be even? These are all good questions and concerns for anyone … [Continue reading]

10-S Tennis Supply Product of the Week: 10-S NeverRust Net Posts

From time to time, we here at 10-S Tennis Supply would like to present (or remind our customers about) a product or maintenance tool that we feel is really top-notch!  This week's edition focuses on a new product in our line - the 10-S NeverRust … [Continue reading]

The Different Stages of 10andUnder Tennis

 10andUnder Tennis - the sport that gives young children the opportunity to learn and develop their tennis skills as they grow.  With 3 stages - Red, Orange, and Green - kids are given the tools to succeed with equipment and court sizes tailored to … [Continue reading]

5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Ordering Custom Windscreen

Whenever we field a call inquiring about custom windscreen for a facility, there are four main questions that need to be answered before we can give the customer a proper quote.  If you are wondering what options to consider before you call, here is … [Continue reading]

Common Clay Court Maintenance Mistakes

Har-Tru courts - Great on the joints, superb playing surface - but require a lot of maintenance! Oftentimes, maintenance tasks on both sprinkler-irrigated, as well as subsurface-irrigated, courts are being performed incorrectly, with the wrong … [Continue reading]

Pickleball – Funny Name, FUN Sport!

According to www.usapa.org, the official website of the USA Pickleball Association, Pickleball is named after Pickles, the family Cocker Spaniel of one of the co-inventors of the sport. Pickles would chase stray balls and then hide in the bushes … [Continue reading]

Top Question Answered: Which 10-S Linesman Line Sweeper Do I Go With?

Here at 10-S Tennis Supply, a very popular question we respond to is "Which is better to sweep the lines of my clay court - the Fine Bristle or Stiff Bristle Linesman?"  While both of these "Line Sweepers" will get the job done, we will typically … [Continue reading]

Custom VS. DIY Tennis Windscreens

Tennis windscreens - whether for function or for fashion - are a great asset to any court or facility.  They provide privacy, allow you to see the ball better while in play, and just look darn good on your fences! However, as many of you probably … [Continue reading]