How to Replace a Net Cable

If you find yourself in the unenviable position of having a broken net cable, it is not always necessary to purchase a new net!  If your net has seen better days, it might be worth the investment in a new one.  But, if you feel your net still has life left in it, you have the option of replacing the cable rather than the whole net.

Assuming your cable has broken on an end near the post, you can replace the cable using a few easy steps:

  • Lay out the new cable as straight and flat as possible.
  • Tape the new cable to end of the old cable as securely as possible – you may need to pinch the end of the cable as small as possible under the tape to ensure it goes through the headband easily.
  • If you are working alone, you may need to secure one end of the net to the post with twine to gain leverage.
  • Pull the cable through the net until the taped portion is safely out on the other side.
  • Dispose of the old cable and tape and enjoy your functioning net!

If you would like a visual representation of these steps, please watch this video below for the full tutorial!

If you have any further questions about broken net cables, new nets, or any other product knowledge, please contact 10-S Tennis Supply at 800-247-3907, or visit!  You can also text in your questions or orders to our new text line, 954-800-6790 and someone will be happy to assist you!

Pickleball – Funny Name, FUN Sport!

According to, the official website of the USA Pickleball Association, Pickleball is named after Pickles, the family Cocker Spaniel of one of the co-inventors of the sport. Pickles would chase stray balls and then hide in the bushes while they were playing. So the game was officially invented in 1965 by two friends living near Seattle, Washington – Bill Bell and Joel Pritchard.

Pickleball is a game played on a badminton-sized court with the net lowered to 34 inches at the center. The court is about 1/3rd the size of a standard tennis court. The equipment used to play includes a perforated plastic ball (similar to a whiffle ball) and wood or composite paddles. People play on courts all over the USA, both indoors and outdoors.

It is easy for beginners to learn, but can develop into a quick, fast-paced, competitive game for experienced players. It can oftentimes replace tennis for older players, because the sport requires less running, allowing for less impact on joints.

Many athletic clubs and facilities are joining the waves of existing Pickleball fans and installing or upgrading existing courts to host the sport. Oftentimes, it’s as easy has having a professional company, such as Fast-Dry Courts, visit your site to help you determine the best location. You can use an existing tennis court and paint the new Pickleball lines, or build Pickleball courts that are used for that sport alone. If the game catches on at your facility, stand-alone courts may be your best investment to ensure players have enough courts to fulfill their playing schedules.

To learn more about the sport, visit the USA Pickleball Association’s website at

To learn more about adding or refurbishing a Pickleball court at your facility, contact Fast-Dry Courts at or 800-432-2994.

PRESS RELEASE: Fast-Dry Courts builds 10,000th 10 & Under Tennis Court in U.S.


USTA Court 10K Press Release



U.S. Fed Cup Captain Mary Joe Fernandez to Join Celebration on March 19 in Miami’s Tamiami Park


WHITE PLAINS, N.Y., March 19, 2013 – The United States Tennis Association (USTA) today announced that it will celebrate the refurbishment and creation of 10,000 youth-sized tennis courts in the United States as part of USTA’s commitment to First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! initiative.  A special celebratory event, Court 10K, will be held on March 19 at the Tamiami Tennis Center in Miami to commemorate this exceptional milestone.  The celebration will feature U.S. Fed Cup captain, Olympic gold medalist and Miami native, Mary Joe Fernandez.  The host site, Tamiami Tennis Center, is emblematic of the 10,000 courts that have been installed throughout the country. 

“We know that kids need 60 minutes of exercise a day to stay healthy and reach their full potential, so having access to fun opportunities to get moving could not be more important,” said First Lady Michelle Obama.  “The USTA has provided thousands of kids the chance to run and play, to learn a new game and perfect their skills, and to make new friends in a safe environment.  I am incredibly proud of the USTA’s commitment to encouraging kids to lead healthy lifestyles and to opening new doors to explore a wonderful sport they can enjoy for the rest of their lives.”

The USTA teamed up with First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! initiative in 2011 to encourage young people across the country to get active, play tennis and lead healthy lifestyles.  In addition, a component of the collaboration with Let’s Move! was the commitment to encourage children to participate in the Presidential Active Lifestyle Award (PALA), in which more than 226,000 kids participated and completed the challenge through the USTA.  To date, the USTA has had more kids complete the challenge than any other youth sports organization in the United States.

“Tennis is the perfect sport to get kids active and keep them healthy,” said Dave Haggerty, USTA Chairman, CEO and President. “The USTA’s Youth Tennis initiative was designed to make it easier and more fun to get involved in the game, and our commitment to creating and refurbishing youth-sized tennis courts across the country has been another step toward making the sport more accessible to more kids.”

“By providing infrastructure, the USTA’s efforts will help foster the game at the grass-roots level and get more kids active,” said Fernandez.  “In addition, these efforts will help improve communities across the country and I am thrilled to be part of this momentous occasion.”

Through its facilities assistance arm, the USTA has succeeded in the construction and renovation of more than 4,500 youth-sized tennis courts in 371 markets in 44 states throughout the nation in 2012.  In all, the USTA has constructed or refurbished 10,000 kid-sized courts since 2005. The courts were built in public parks, school yards, tennis facilities and at local community based youth organizations, like the Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs.

As part of this initiative, all courts that were built or renovated were specially lined to enable participation in the USTA’s youth participation initiative, 10 and Under Tennis.  Youth tennis is geared toward getting more kids to participate in tennis using modified equipment and courts tailored to a child’s age and ability.  By featuring shorter and lighter racquets, slower-bouncing balls, smaller courts and simplified scoring, children learn to play more quickly and easily while having more fun in the process.  For the past two years, the USTA has invested significantly in 10 and Under Tennis, and the initiative is the organization’s number one recreational tennis initiative.

In total, the USTA through its facilities assistance program, has built more than 35,000 tennis courts across the country in the past six years, for all ages and abilities to enjoy the sport of a lifetime.

***This facility was built by Fast-Dry Courts***

# # #

The USTA is the national governing body for the sport of tennis in the United States and the leader in promoting and developing the growth of tennis at every level, from local communities to the highest level of the professional game. A not-for-profit organization with more than 770,000 members, it invests 100 percent of its proceeds in growing the game. It owns and operates the US Open, the highest-attended annual sporting event in the world, and launched the Emirates Airline US Open Series, linking nine summer tournaments to the US Open. In addition, it owns approximately 90 Pro Circuit events throughout the U.S. and selects the teams for
the Davis Cup, Fed Cup, Olympic and Paralympic Games. The USTA’s national charitable foundation, USTA Serves, provides grants and scholarships and helps underserved youth and people with disabilities. For more information on the USTA, log on to, “like” the official Facebook page,, or follow @usta on Twitter. 
For more information, contact:
Tom LaDue, Corporate Communications, USTA, Tel: (914) 697-2352, Email:
Trina Singian, Corporate Communications, USTA, Tel: (914) 697-2223, Email:

Clay Courts – The Fast-Dry/Har-Tru Advantage

 Flamingo-Park-Clay-PhotoADVANTAGES ABOUND

-More comfortable play
-Easier on the eye
-Complements any landscape
-Reduces chance of injury
-Longer rallies
-Less fatigue
-Fast drying
-Cooler play
-Kinder to joints and back
-Environmentally friendly


The playing characteristics and health benefits of Har-Tru tennis courts make them the #1 choice for court owners.  Har-Tru courts promote the game for life, from early childhood into retirement.

In detail, here are some of the major reasons why Har-Tru courts are so popular:

Greater Health Benefits

Har-Tru granular surfaces act as a shock-absorbing cushion, allowing players to slide into their returns, preventing the joint jarring stops all too common on hard surfaces.  A recent study revealed that one out of every two tennis players is likely to suffer an injury during a six month period.  The study attributes injuries of the lower extremities, the back and the groin to two factors: court surface and shoes.  Unique tennis surfaces that permit sliding, as a Har-Tru tennis court does, result in 85% fewer injuries than hard surfaces.  Avid players find that Har-Tru courts allow them to play the game every day without soreness or pain.

Superior Playing Characteristics

Har-Tru courts, also known as clay courts, have several advantageous playing characteristics.  A Har-Tru court provides a consistently slower ball bounce than other surfaces, resulting in longer rallies, a greater variety of strokes and a more controlled game.  Playing tennis on a Har-Tru court requires the development of strategy and skill which promotes endurance and patience.  The rise of the European and South American players on the men’s and women’s professional tours has been largely attributed to learning the game on clay courts.  The United States Tennis Association is now encouraging its most promising players to train primarily on clay tennis courts by installing Har-Tru courts at all of its national training centers.

Fast-Drying, Cooler, Consistently Playable Surfaces

Har-Tru courts are ready for action in a matter of minutes after a rain shower. Water is absorbed through the surface and into the base.  The slope of the court then allows excess moisture to run off.  Since a Har-Tru court retains moisture and breathes during the hottest days of summer, the surface remains an average of 20% cooler than hard courts – a real advantage in Florida and the Sunbelt states. 



Florida Blend Fast-Dry Material

Florida Blend Fast-Dry Material has been the preferred product for tennis court owners in Florida for over 20 years!  Florida Blend is made from the same green metabasalt rock as Har-Tru.  However, Florida Blend Fast-Dry has been specifically formulated to withstand the rigors of the Florida environment, including extensive rain, wind and year-round play.  Florida Blend Fast-Dry is designed to stay on your court longer, promoting superior playability day and night.  This is a great product for clay courts throughout the southeastern U.S.  Available in 50 lb., 80 lb. or bulk bags.

Har-Tru Court Material

Har-Tru is the most popular clay court surfacing material in the U.S.  Har-Tru is manufactured from an igneous metabasalt greenstone rock outside Charlottesville, Virginia.  The greenstone rock is crushed in to many particle sizes and blended with gypsum binder to create Har-Tru, the best tennis surface on the planet!  Har-Tru is designed for use on sprinkler-irrigated courts and is available in 50 lb., 80 lb. or bulk bags.  10-S Tennis Supply is the largest distributor of Har-Tru and can ship anywhere in the world.

HydroBlend Court Material

HydroBlend Court Material is specially formulated Har-Tru material that is used on subsurface irrigated Har-Tru courts (HydroCourts, HydroGrids and Cal-Cap) and is available in 50 lb., 80 lb. and bulk bags.

Coarse Blend Court Material

Coarse Blend Court Material is specially formulated Har-Tru material that is designed for use as a top dressing on subsurface irrigated courts (HydroCourts, HydroGrids and Cal-Cap) and is available in 80 lb. bags.

European Red

This rich red product leaves its mark in a way no other surface can. Not just on the clothes and the ball but in the heart of a tennis player.  Our European Red is ideal for top-dressing existing real clay courts and covering red ClayTech (synthetic turf with clay in-fill) courts. It has also been used as a cap on top of existing Har-Tru courts to seal off the green and leave the fiery red/orange finish on display. The product is produced from crushed bricks and is imported in 55 lb. bags.

American Red

Har-Tru’s American Red Clay is composed of red stone and brick dust combined in a time-tested formula to produce exceptional playability and a beautiful deep burgundy red.  While American Red Clay provides the rich color many people long for, it does so in a formula that behaves more like Har-Tru. This means simpler maintenance and very consistent playability.  American Red is formulated specifically for installation with HydroCourt sub-surface irrigation. American Red typically has a greater amount of loose top dressing than a green Har-Tru court and consequently plays a bit slower.

Northeast Red

Red material is more popular than ever and Northeast features high-quality Red Fast Dry or Red without binder.  A rich color infuses the stone, which ensures the color won’t drain away.  Provides the top-notch playability you expect from Northeast with a wonderful, deep red color gives your court a European flair.


We’re Here to Help!

Fast-Dry Courts, Inc. specializes in the construction, resurfacing and maintenance of Har-Tru (clay) tennis courts.  Founded in 1987, we provide professional, high quality tennis court construction services to court owners throughout Florida.  We are also the world’s largest builder of Har-Tru courts with our FDC HydroCourt subsurface irrigation system.

Fast-Dry Courts, Inc. provides its customers with a complete set of tennis court construction services, everything from initial design and consultation to new construction to resurfacing, repairs, lighting, and fencing. We also offer a complete line of tennis court supplies and accessories through our sister company, 10-S Tennis Supply ( In short, we are here to support you for the life of your court.  Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have – 800-247-3907.

Own a Beautiful Home Featuring an Award Winning Fast-Dry Tennis Court

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, this landmark 1.59± acre estate on the Intracoastal Waterway epitomizes Boca Raton’s resort lifestyle at its finest.

A true paradise on the Intracoastal Waterway is found in this extremely rare estate-sized property of 1.59± acres in a prestigious downtown Boca Raton address. Capturing expansive waterfront views, an exotic landscape brimming with tropical fruit trees sets the stage for the impressive residence designed by prominent architect Herbert S. Newman, a Yale University faculty member and recipient of an AIA lifetime achievement award. The classic Old World traditions of Addison Mizner are reinvented as strikingly modern sculptural forms to give this stunning residence a unique character all its own.

The luminous pool, award-winning championship tennis court, and 250± foot seawall with two yacht docks complete the perfect picture for indoor/outdoor resort living and grand entertaining. Here, there are virtually limitless options to suit every preference, with proposed architectural plans available to build a new dream estate or compound. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, this is a landmark property of immeasurable appeal.


Northeast 5th Avenue, Boca Raton, Florida. Boca Raton’s prestigious new “Mansion Row” is within walking distance of the beach, Mizner Park’s world-class shopping and dining, and the legendary Boca Raton Resort & Club.


This landmark 1.59± acre estate fronts 180± linear feet of shoreline featuring protected mega-yacht dockage in a no-wake zone minutes from the inlet, with unobstructed access to the ocean for world-class yachting and fishing. The grandfathered, L-shaped full service dock could be reconfigured to accommodate an even larger 100+ foot-long vessel. An Old World-inspired courtyard preludes the residence at the end of a long Chicago brick-lined stone drive. Expansive Intracoastal views are the focus of the indoor and outdoor living spaces culminating in the spectacular pool patio. Sweeping waterfront lawns open from the north-south hydro tennis court, built in 2003 by Fast-Dry Courts.  This court was the recipient of the 2003 Outstanding Tennis Facility Award, given by the American Sports Builders Association (formerly the U.S. Tennis Court & Track Builders Association).


Dramatically stated in sculptural forms with a hand-made imported barrel-tile roof, this understatedly elegant residence is beautifully scaled in a total of 8,100± square feet with open living areas, 5 bedrooms, 4½ baths, and a 3-bay garage.

Main Level: Soaring to a 2 story vaulted ceiling, the columned reception room introduces the seamlessly flowing living areas, all taking in the wide Intracoastal vistas. Inlaid with white marble, authentic Cuban tile floors add comfortable warmth to the bright open atmosphere. A barrel vaulted ceiling arcs over the window walled living room, opening to the poolside loggia, also featuring a fireplace. Water views continue into the skylit conversation nook and rotunda-style formal dining room. At the heart of the house, the chef’s kitchen has custom cabinetry, European provincial tiles, a Sub-Zero refrigerator, gas range, and dual Miele dishwashers. An open flow continues into the waterfront breakfast bay and generously scaled family room with architectural built-ins, columned niches, and glass doors leading to the pool patio. In the south wing are 2 waterfront bedrooms plus full and half baths. Served by a separate hallway, the west wing contains 2 bedrooms with en-suite baths in addition to a laundry room with dual washers/dryers.

Upper Level: Completely devoted to the indulgent private realm of the master suite, this level is served by a dramatic bridge hallway, open to the living areas below, atop the spiraling sculptural staircase. Capturing sweeping Intracoastal views from an elevated perspective, the expansive master bedroom features a sitting area in a window lined circular bay. Vaulted ceilings add to the sense of spaciousness and grandeur. There is also an office plus a bonus room which opens to a private waterfront balcony with stairs leading to the pool area. Accompanying the luxurious master bath, oversized his-and-her closets include a gallery of closets with mahogany fittings.

  •  8,100 approximate square feet
  • Architectural style: Contemporary, Mediterranean
  • Property features: 5 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms and 1 Partial Baths

To view the full listing, along with additional photos, click here:

Listing courtesy of:
Premier Estate Properties, Inc.
Agent: Joseph Liguori
Office: 866.281.3884
MLS #: R3252875

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