Top 5 Products to Check Out for the Upcoming Tennis Season

Looking for something new and different for your court or facility?  At 10-S Tennis Supply, we are always on the look-out for items to make your life a little easier, your court a little nicer, and your experience a lot more fun.  That being said, we are excited to present some new products that you might want to check out! Information on these items can also be found in the 10-S Tennis Supply catalog, as well as at

Custom Net Logos:

We all love showcasing logos on our windscreens, but now you can get logos for your nets!  This set of 4 net logos can be customized to your logo, club name, or sponsor’s logo.  Attachable by ty-raps, the Net Logos are made to fit between the posts and doubles lines, and are perfect for tournaments or to display all year round!

Custom Tennis Net Logo: Set of 4 – Product Code: ETNET5000

Quik-Stiks Single Sticks: 

This set of Quik-Stiks Single Sticks can be collapsed down to 1/3 of their original size, making them easy to store or carry with your tennis gear!  They have plastic ends to keep from slipping, and a measurement line to ensure perfect placement on the net.

Quik-Stiks Single Sticks Set – Product Code: CF3000

10-S Teaching Cart Caddy:

Teaching Pros especially will love this new 10-S Teaching Cart Caddy (available May 2017), which attaches to the back of almost any teaching cart.  There are storage compartments for all of your necessities – including space for a water bottle, clipboard, keys, or a wallet.

10-S Teaching Cart Caddy – Product Code: IG4500

Streamliner Tennis Net:

We are so excited about the patent-pending Streamliner Tennis Net!  In addition to all of the perks of our highest quality nets, we have added a custom rope bottom – which allows water, material, and debris to pass underneath the net, and will never bunch on the ground.  This allows for a cleaner, streamlined look and prevents premature net wear on the bottom of the net.

Streamliner Tennis Net – Product Code: AX5000

Indoor/Outdoor Foosball Table:

Of course, there are always those rainy days where getting out on to the court just might not be an option. Add some fun back into your rec room or Pro Shop with this new Indoor/Outdoor Foosball Table!  It features unbreakable players on anti-rust telescopic rods, side and corner rails to keep the ball in play, and a high-speed glass playing field.  It also includes a cover and 5 balls.

Outdoor Foosball Table – Product Code: 8M9000

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