Top 5 MUST-HAVE Products for the Traveling Tennis Coach

As a Tennis Coach or Teaching Pro, traveling from court to court means you need quality products that are easy to carry and store in small spaces, such as the trunk of your car. Here at 10-S Tennis Supply, we have compiled a list of the 5 must-have products that you won’t want to leave home without!  Some of these products are new, and some are tried-and-true, but they are all available at, and are sure to be useful tools for a Coach-on-the-go.

If you are looking for a quality mobile teaching cart, we recommend the EZ Travel Cart 150.    The bag lifts out of the cart, which can be folded easily and stored in the included carrying case.  Extra bags are available, which makes this cart convenient for site-to-site use!

EZ Travel Cart 150 – Product Code: IG7150

After regular play or drills, every Coach needs a tool to retrieve the balls quickly and efficiently.  The 10-S Ballport Deluxe has handles that rotate and lock up or down, as well as rolling bars on the bottom to help ease balls into the basket and hold them in.  It has an 80 ball capacity, and is made of tough polypropylene.  Wheel this basket from your car to the court and you’re all set for practice!

10-S Ballport Deluxe – Product Code: IG3095

Training devices can be incredible tools to help your students hone their agility, running, and decision-making skills, or can be used to clearly mark training areas. We have given you 2 options on this category – the Econo Spots, and the Agility Cone Set.  The Econo Spots are 9” in diameter, and come in sets of 6 individually-colored flexible plastic spots.  The 2” tall Agility Cone Set has 20 cones (5 each of yellow, black, white, and orange) and can be stepped on without breaking.  Best yet, they are both small training sets that can be easily transported!

Agility Cone Set – Product Code: HSKLZ-207  

Econo Spots – Product Code: HX1094

As a teaching Pro or Coach, you know agility ladders can be very useful to aid in your students’ agility and footwork training.  The Quick Ladder Pro has an accordion-like fold, resulting in a compact ladder that wastes no training time with its tangle-free setup and breakdown!


Quick Ladder Pro – Product Code: HSKLZ-105

Practice tennis balls give coaches the quality and benefits of top brands like Wilson or Penn, at a discounted price.  These balls are ideal for recreational play or for use in a ball machine or teaching basket.  They come in cases of 24 cans / 72 balls.

Wilson Practice Balls –  Product Code: KW1003


Pro Penn Coach Balls – Product Code: KPP300 

Information about these or any other products can be found at, or by giving a call at 800-247-3907 to the friendly and capable staff at 10-S Tennis Supply!

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