If I Only Knew Then What I Know Now…Day 1 of 17

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10-S Tennis Supply recently published an educational article in the USPTA ADDvantage section of Tennis Industry Magazine. The title of the article was “If I Only Knew Then What I Know Now…USPTA Leaders Share Court Supply and Maintenance Wisdom with Under 30 Peers.”
As part of our research for this article, 10-S Tennis Supply asked 50+ experienced Tennis Directors to let us know the three things they wish they knew about tennis court supplies or tennis court maintenance before they became a Tennis Director. Many of their responses were included in the article. However, we did not have room for all of them and wanted to share the others with you.

So…we will post some additional thoughts over the next couple of weeks from different USPTA Tennis Directors wish they knew when they started out. Today we’ll hear from…

Will Hoag, Coral Ridge Country Club, Fort Lauderdale, FL

1. I wish I had more information regarding maintenance of subsurface irrigated Har-Tru courts and what was required, including:

a. Daily (rake, broom, Aussie Clean Sweep- what are the plus & minus to each)
b. Weekly (rolling lines, removing algae)
c. Monthly (adding material- should the court be wet or dry? How to handle each way
d. How often to use the court devil
e. How often the level of the water should be changed and why
f. Plusses & minuses to installation of subsurface irrigated Har-Tru courts vs. conventional sprinkler irrigated Har-Tru courts
g. A list of clubs that are well known for their superior maintenance of subsurface irrigated Har-Tru courts (Lost Tree, Boca West) and their contact information

2. How to budget and forecast for the maintenance of Har-Tru courts

a. what is involved besides court material (nets, trays, waste baskets, etc.)
b. keeping a log of each court ( record how much material is put down every time, record when the nets are changed, etc.) you will notice especially that not every court requires the same amount of material each. This is why the log is important

3. How to forecast court resurfacing – what to look for – differences between resurfacing subsurface irrigated Har-Tru courts & conventional sprinkler irrigated Har-Tru courts, when to resurface all weather courts


Will-Hoag---6-13-14About Will:

Will has been the Director of Tennis at Coral Ridge Country Club since 1973 and is a USPTA certified Master Professional.  Some of Will’s accomplishments include: 2002 USTPA National Professional of the year, Florida Division USPTA Professional of the Year in 1985, 1987, and 1990, National Past President of the USPTA, and Past President of the USPTA Florida Division.  Will has earned national and sectional singles and doubles rankings in both the USPTA and USTA.  He is currently a member on both Head and Nike’s advisory staffs.

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