5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Ordering Custom Windscreen

Whenever we field a call inquiring about custom windscreen for a facility, there are five main questions that need to be answered before we can give the customer a proper quote.  If you are wondering what options to consider before you call, here is a hint:  privacy needs, type of screen,  vent options, color, and logos.  We want you to be ecstatic with the windscreens that you choose, and that starts with making the right decisions when placing your order!


The level of privacy you need is a perfect place to start – as this can affect what types of screens are available to you!  If you are not concerned with your screens providing complete (or close to complete) privacy, then you might be well served with an open-mesh windscreen.  This type of screen, while still providing some privacy, allows more air-flow through the screens, and is a popular choice for most clubs or communities.

Should you decide that you need a higher opacity rate on your screens, you might choose a closed mesh or vinyl windscreen.  A couple of our brands, such as the 10-S Proscreen or Tenn-Air, offer closed-mesh options.  You are still getting the mesh look of the screen, but more tightly woven so as to provide 95% – 100% opacity for your facility.  Vinyl Privacy Screen, on the other hand, is completely opaque and offers no outlet for the wind (unless you opt for vents).


There are different types or “brands” of windscreens to choose from – and they may all be found on our website, 10-s.com, for anyone wishing to see the differences before they buy.  There are photos and descriptions available for each – concerning the material with which the screens are made, color options, logo options, as well as pricing differences.  It is sometimes helpful to research these options so you have a better idea of what is available.  If you feel overwhelmed with all the many choices, you can request to be mailed some samples.  You can generally get a sample of all of the different screens you are considering, and in the correct color choice, as well.  This way you can feel the material and will be completely sure of what you are ordering!


Vents are a popular option on windscreens.  For those wanting either some breaks for the wind, or a place in the fence where you can see though to a court, there are two vent options available.  The “standard” half-moon flap vents are cut at no extra charge, have openings every 10′ in the screen, and provide an outlet for wind through the screens.  If the flap is closed, they are not as noticeable in the screen as a window vent would be.

If you do not like the look of the flap vents, you want a more substantial outlet for the wind, or you would like a way to peer into your tennis courts, the bound / hemmed windows might be just the right option for you!  These windows are generally placed every 10′, or staggered every 5′ across the screens, and are fully hemmed all the way around – leaving no chance of tearing at the edges.  However, as nice as the windows are, it pays to keep in mind for budgeting purposes that there is a charge for every bound window you include.


Black and Dark Green – these are the most standard windscreen colors available, and most every type of screen will offer these colors.  If this is the look you are going for, you have a much larger selections of screens to choose from!  This also comes with the added bonus that if you are looking as some of the more economical screens, you won’t have to compromise on your color choice.  Many clubs and facilities choose these classic colors, and may accessorize with logos on the screens.

However, if you are trying to match school or club colors and would like something out-of-the-norm, there are some nice options available to you, as well!  Some of the highest-quality windscreens come in as many as 20 color choices, and there is no extra charge for choosing those brighter hues.  If you choose to stand out from the crowd, there is sure to be a color option to suit your needs!


A very popular add-on, logos on windscreens can showcase your club logo, school mascot, or the name of your business.  The possibilities are endless with different sizes and colors.  While they can get pricey the larger they are, we suggest you get a quote for any logo needs you may have.  This way, you know just how to budget and how many logo’d pieces to request.  If you are concerned about how the finished product might look, you needn’t worry.  You will see a rendering of how your logo will look on your particular size of screen to approve before it goes into production, so that you always have the final say.  Something to keep in mind, however, is that orders with logos WILL take longer than a windscreen order without logos.  It is important to take this into account if you have time constraints.


For further information on windscreen, windscreen options, to request samples of screens, or if you have inquiries about any other supplies or court needs, please call 10-S Tennis Supply at 800-247-3907 or visit our website at 10-s.com.  

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